Worship In The Now: Javen’s Passion & Purpose

By E.J. Gaines

Screen-Shot-2014-03-12-at-11.57.57-AM-300x234Depending on the circles you’ve traveled in, and when you traveled in them, you may know of Javen in one of a variety of roles. He’s a singer, a songwriter, a producer, an actor, a television host, a speaker and an academic. But despite his many ventures, at the core of him is the position that probably speaks loudest to his purpose and passion—that of a worshiper.

Now, on the heels of the release of his latest album, Worship in the Now, the LA-based artist is on a mission to “get America worshipping,” educating the current generation on what worship really is and equipping it with the music and resources to live it.

Javen’s Worship in the Now is a 16-track album, recorded live at The Faith Center in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area. It’s produced by his friend, popular gospel artist and producer Jonathan Nelson, and features several guest artists, including Damita (“Lift Me Up”) and Marvin Winans, Jr. (“Raise the Cross”).

Worship in the Now is Javen’s fifth solo album, spanning a decade of professional artistry. But for Javen, it’s simply one of the many tools in a God-given arsenal, all used with the aim of glorifying God and making His name great on Earth.

Finding His Purpose…

It’s safe to say that music is not necessarily what Javen thought he’d be doing with his life. Even since he released his first album, he’s simultaneously been called upon for various endeavors outside of music—he was a co-host of the popular Paula White Show and he has acted in roles ranging from off-Broadway musicals to major motion pictures. It’s been quite a journey from where he began.

“When I went to college, I didn’t want to do anything in entertainment,” he recounts. “I ended up getting two degrees in psychology. But God had different plans.”

As God began opening several doors of opportunity, Javen found himself catapulted into the Christian music industry. By 2002, he had signed a recording contract with Word Records, on which he released his self-titled debut album. Just a year later, however, he walked away from his record deal and became an independent artist. Without the backing of a larger machine in the industry, Javen was forced to hit the pavement harder than before. But he found a valuable lesson in that process.

“When you’re actually out there on your own, with your feet touching the ground and your hands touching the people, it brings about a very on-the-street education about who you are, what you’re about and what your ministry is all about.”

What Javen realized his ministry is “all about,” is worship.

More Than The Music…

Worship in the Now is more than just another offering among a sea of cropping-up cross-cultural worship music. Javen makes it clear that the point of what he does isn’t even the music, itself.

“Worship is not really a music thing. That’s just the vehicle,” Javen explains. “Worship is what we do. It’s the way we were designed and created. We constantly worship something.”

“I like to call it ‘vertical music,’ he goes on. “In gospel music, we get a lot of testimonial or parallel music. We talk to one another about how we got over. And that’s often very needed. But, we also have to remember to do songs that just exalt God, that just speak to the deity of who He is.”

Worship… The Movement

“One goal this year is to get America worshipping,” Javen shares plainly. “I want to get this generation worshipping. That’s been the mandate for me and the purpose of this album.”

Several months ago, Javen launched the ‘Worship In The Now’ conference—a two-day worship seminar that features guest speakers, authors, athletes and recording artists. Having already hit Atlanta, San Diego and Tampa, the ‘Worship In The Now’ events will continue this year across the nation to resounding success in the lives of the attendees.

“We’re seeing God move in a new and fresh way as it relates to worship and praise. People are being set free from anxiety, fear, depression, suicide and so much more.”

In the coming year, expect to see a lot more of Javen in the vein of this movement. In addition to promoting his new album, he’ll continue the ‘Worship in the Now’ conferences, launch a bible study in the South Florida area, work through some pending film projects and, possibly, even record a second volume of his new album.

Regardless of where, and in what role you find him, Javen is passionate about this season and this work.

“I feel like my lane is definitely that multi-cultural ‘now’ generation of worshipers,” he says. “God is taking me to people living in the ‘now.'”