Helping Numerous People in Atlanta Winter Crisis


A wise man once said that “trials often end in blessings”. Michelle Sollicito turned a trial into a blessing for thousands of Atlanta-area citizens. When her friend’s husband was caught in weather-related gridlocked traffic in Atlanta, she created the Facebook page SnowedOutAtlanta as a way for stranded motorists to locate help in a time of crisis.

Over 56,000 members have joined the resourceful site in just over two days, with many members offering food, shelter or other forms of assistance to those in need.

Sollicito told NBC’s Nightly News that “I’m just really glad that we managed to help so many people. Facebook just was the tool that allowed us all to come together and work together to do something amazing.”

There are numerous uplifting stories on the site — people who were in dire situations but helped by Good Samaritans, with the site she created as the lifeline between the two parties.

Her quick thinking and tireless efforts to organize and maintain the website has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of Atlanta-area residents.

She had just one simple request for those who benefited from the website, asking that they consider “paying it forward by giving blood.”

(Photo courtesy of Michelle Sollicito’s Facebook page)