Ducks, Duggars and Bullochs, Oh My! Families of Faith Living Large

Even a cursory glance at the TV guide these days will highlight an increasing programming trend that seems to be popping up with more frequency than ever before. Not only are a slew of family-friendly shows entering the fray and scoring plenty of ratings in the process, but many of today’s top programs and movies also share faith-affirming premises (and in many cases, actors and actresses who are also believers). Just read on to dive deeper into several favorites from UP’s exciting arsenal, alongside our many other uplifting friends who spread good news in their own unique formats.



“Bulloch Family Ranch”

This is the second season for UP’s original “Bulloch Family Ranch,” and straight out of the gate, the reality show captured the hearts of viewers across America. Boasting the tag lines “troubled teens, one last chance, reality is fixin’ to get real,” it’s easy to see why considering these entirely true stories are deeply personal, authentic and inspiring. For those who’ve yet to see the faith-anchored action first hand, “Bulloch Family Ranch” chronicles a working-class couple in central Florida who’ve opened their home to dozens of teens with needs ranging from a place to crash for awhile, to more intensive direction and discipline. Well beyond getting their basic necessities met, the multi-cultural bunch become members of the family, always welcomed with open arms regardless of past problems.

“Duck Dynasty”

In just three short seasons (with a fourth on its way this month), “Duck Dynasty” has skyrocketed from an underground niche to a widespread cultural phenomenon. Centered around the Bible-believing Robertsons, the show goes behind the scenes of a family-operated business that makes a slew of products for duck hunters. But it didn’t take long for each family member’s personality to catch on like wildfire, especially as the men sport their trademarked beards that even rival those of theme song singers ZZ Top.


“The American Bible Challenge”

TWhen it comes to game shows, fans would likely refer to “Jeopardy!,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “The Price Is Right” and “Deal Or No Deal” as staples of the genre, but ever since it premiered in 2012, “The American Bible Challenge” is coming up hot on their heels. Initially hosted exclusively by comedian extraordinaire Jeff Foxworthy, but now including a tag team partner in gospel great Kirk Franklin, there’s plenty of witty banter between soul stirring trivia questions. Even more meaningful is the season-ending tournament featuring each episode’s winning teams battling it out for a charity-designated $100,000 grand prize.


“19 Kids and Counting”

19-kids-counting-the-duggars-are-ready-for-baby-20Yes, every season that passes on “19 Kids and Counting” seems to have an even larger cast than the last and that continues to be the case on this show chronicling ten boys, nine girls and their folks Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Arkansas is the center of action for this “Full House” (and then some), ensuring plenty of ongoing, intertwining storylines and the chance for viewers to literally watch the faith-committed family growing up before their very eyes. It may seem like a lot to manage, but with plenty of communication and camaraderie to go around, there seems to be an unbreakable bond that keeps holding this fertile family together.