Daily Devotions: You Can’t Quit Birth

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You Can’t Quit Birth

“Before she goes into labor, she gives birth; before the pains come upon her, she delivers a son.” ~ Isaiah 66:7 (niv)

When I was pregnant with my first child, I naively knew one thing . . . I was not going to have a C-Section. I had this prayer book about Super Natural Birth filled with stories of fifteen minute labors and women who prayed themselves through seamless deliveries. I just knew that would be me.

When my water broke, I bopped into the hospital with my cute little birth plan—NO C-SECTION. Well, thirty-six hours later I was only dilated to a one and my doctor said, “Look, we have to get this baby out and a C-Section is the only option.” At that point, I just looked at my husband, during a contraction, and said, “Pack my bags, we’re leaving. I’m not having surgery. I quit.” My honorary doula/friend Cathy smiled lovingly and said, “Kerri, you can’t quit birth. One way or another you are going to give birth to this baby. We’ve prayed and God must have a plan that is best, and you have to trust Him right now. You’re almost there. You have to keep going!” It didn’t seem like I was almost anywhere. I had been in labor for thirty-six hours and had nothing to show for it. Dilated to a one? What a failure. I could beat myself up. But when labor isn’t going according to plan, no one blames the mother because it’s not her fault.

Thirty minutes later on that Tuesday night in October, I gave birth to a beautiful 10 pound, 6 ounce butterball! You heard me! The doctor looked at her and said, “Don’t breastfeed her . . . get her a pizza!” She was so big, she drove home!

After becoming a mom, I became a prayer warrior for my kids. There’s a situation I’ve been battling for one of my daughters and I haven’t seen it fully come into fruition yet, but God made me a promise that it WILL happen. When God makes a promise and you don’t see it, there is a birthing process that you sometimes need to go through, and it can be quite painful. But just like labor, even if there are complications, you don’t quit . . . you keep pushing and pushing and pushing . . . until you see what you’re praying for.

Whatever you’re fighting for, don’t quit. Whatever you
are “birthing”—a healing, a restored marriage, a child—
keep fighting. Just PUSH:
P—Proclaim God’s promises. Say them out loud and feel yourself getting stronger.
U—Understand your authority. God has given us authority over all the schemes of the Devil. Exercise it and the Devil must flee.
S—Stand on the Word. Find a verse that fits what you are fighting for (healing, provision, restoration). When the Devil attacks you with doubt, pull out the promise in God’s Word and stand on it!
H—Help others in the process before and after your miracle has arrived. This is warfare in and of itself. You’re letting the enemy know you’re not backing down and you are dangerous.

Once you’ve agreed to stand with God and His promises for your life, there is no going back. There is no way it’s not going to happen. The Devil will try to lie to you . . . he will be crafty and give you thirty-six hours of labor and then a C-Section, but in the end of it I got my double portion. I got a 10 pound, 6 ounce baby!

I got more than I ever expected and God knew it needed to be a C-Section so I could still walk today. He knew the battle I had to fight. He knew the promise I was carrying in my womb until it was time to let it out and see it with my own eyes. I chose to believe there was a promise as big as a mustard seed inside of me and I nurtured it and fed it and sang to it and nine months later she came. And then all the pain was forgotten. God wiped it away. He wiped it away so much I did it all again.

Now that you know you can’t quit, how can you and God work together to bring His promises into your life?

Take a MOMENT to think about . . .
1. What promises are you praying for? What burdens do you carry?
2. What Scripture can you reference to help you with your burdens?

Lord, I stand on Your promises in my life. I rebuke doubt and fear and believe that what You say is true. I will not quit “pushing” for all that You have for me and my family. Amen.