Daily Devotions: I’m Keepin’ the Purse

From Mom’s Night Out by Kerri PomarolliScreen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.54.34 AM

I’m Keepin’ the Purse

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. ~ Psalm 139:14 (esv)

My sister-in-law is what I like to call “fancy.” She’s pretty and well put together. The kind of woman who has two kids and belongs to a Junior League. For my birthday she always gets me fancy presents, things that I would never buy for myself. I question whether I should keep them or sell them on eBay. This past birthday she got me a Coach purse! My first reaction was “How much cash can I get for this?” I’m not a Coach purse kind of gal. I shop at TJMaxx and nothing in my wardrobe or accessory collection ever costs more than $49.99 (and that better be a pant suit). I’ve always found it incredibly frivolous for women to spend hundreds of dollars on one bag. I’ve never purchased anything like that in my life. But thousands of women out there carry these purses and that status symbol means something to them. It brings them great joy, or maybe they actually like the way the bag is made. They are made with great quality material. But for their retail price, it should be stitched in gold and contain extra cash in every side pocket. It’s ironic because I live in Los Angeles where women have purses galore. The price of their wardrobe alone could feed a small country. I live in the land of excess, and I’m at every garage sale on Saturday mornings buying used items and haggling over the price of a Crock Pot. This is what brings me joy. I suppose if there was a Coach purse at a garage sale and it was under $5 I might buy it. \

For our family Thanksgiving gathering, I decided to put my stuff in the new shiny purple purse with the big Coach emblem on it and bring it with me so my sister-in-law could see I liked it. Then I planned to sell it for cash and go buy three purses and two sweaters at Marshalls. But something happened. I put that beautiful bag on my shoulder and all of a sudden I felt a little happier than I was before. Isn’t that insane? A purse bringing someone joy? I loved the design and I have to admit I loved all the compliments I was getting about my “Coach bag.” And I realized something—I am a fancy purse kind of gal. If someone wants to bless me with a very beautiful item, I should believe I’m worthy of it. That’s how God sees me. I’m not a $5 garage sale hand me down. I’m a beautiful new shiny top of the line model He created in HIS image. I don’t have to have some false humility that I can’t occasionally have extravagant things.

I think most of us moms think it’s wrong to do nice things for ourselves, thinking we’re someone who should always be humble. Maybe God wants to bless our socks off and let us know it’s more than okay to get a manicure and a massage in the same year! We need to stop feeling bad when God wants us to feel cherished, pampered, and special. If a shiny purse or a pair of high heel shoes puts a spring in your step, work those heels girl! God created you to rock it! You still got it and show your kids and family that “Mommy’s Still the Hot Chick”! Maybe it will inspire your husband to get out of his sweat pants from 1987 and take you out in public to a restaurant that has menus you can’t color on!

Take a MOMENT to think about . . .

1. What is your one splurge item you’d buy for yourself if money was no object?

2. Have you ever gotten a gift so fancy you thought you didn’t deserve it? What did you do? Would you do it differently today?

Dear God, Help me to see myself as You see me: shiny, new, and beautiful, even on days when I feel haggard, tired, and completely spent. Help me to realize how much You value me just for who I am no matter what I do. Thank You for allowing me the grace to treat myself to something special and not feel guilty about it. Amen.